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June 18, 2013
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Unicorn!Reader x BubbleBerry

Canterlot ponies don't Smile

This summer your family decided to send you away on a vacation to ponyville. They thought it might take your mind off stress from the boarding school you were attending.

Equestrian Royal, the name of your school was the most highest ranking school for only the rich and beautiful fillies and colts, they taught discipline, business, and high-class manners. The teachers were strict and demanded only the best work from their students anything that does not succeed their expectations were given double the homework. Every day you struggled to keep up, even during lunch breaks one must eat like a "proper pony" and making friends is a big no-no. Every pony is competing for the title "Ultimate Royal" which caused dishonesty and rivalry . But you weren't into it as much the others.  Another thing about the students attending, they don't smile. Everyone at the school would tell you that one must keep their heads high, and that laughing loudly is inappropriate.

Basically, Canterlot ponies don't smile.  And you obeyed that rule.

The carriage had arrived at your family's estate, luggage packed and ready to take you to your destination.

"Hey! Mother!? Stop pushing! I do not wish to leave behind my studies!" You struggled against your mother's servants "escorting" you out the door and into the carriage.

"Aah! Ugh!" You screamed as the servants threw you in.

" School is over for two months honey, and you have no homework. Look at yourself! You hardly sleep, you don't eat dinner with us anymore and I had to put sleeping pills in your food to get to sleep! " your mother explained with worry.

Your eyes widened." WHAT?! "
The carriage began to take off.

"MOOOOOOOOOTTTTHHHHHHEEEERRRRR!" You called out in anger as the carriage left the estate.

"Adieu! Sweetie!"

You looked out the window one last time before slumping down in your seat with frown on your face. As always.

During the whole trip, you Keeped your eyes at the landscapes as they transcend from large rich estates to middle class homes, from cleansed concrete to dirt roads. As the carriage crosses the bridge you noticed fields of Apple trees. You looked down at stomach.

You sighed." Those apple look delicious-Ah!"

Suddenly  the carriage stopped. You stuck your head out of the window in a state of panic, your servant sprained his left hoof and one of the wheels broke.  

"Hey! You lot alright?"

You looked up to the apple fields to see a orange colt with a cowboy hat running over. You climbed down out the door and ran up to the colt explaining the situation.

"Ah that's too bad but don't worry I'll give you and your coach here a ride on my hay wagon" he smile down at you.

"Huh? A wagon?! But what about the carriage,  it belongs to my family back in Canterlot" you complained. That carriage was rather expensive, especially since each wheel as 15 diamonds imbedded in them.

" No need to worry about that sugarcube, I'll fix that wheel in no time.Come on!" He carried your servant then the luggage  into the hay wagon then lends his hoof to help you up. You felt weird sitting on hay instead of Egyptian Cotten pillows.

"Hold on now!" And with the that the you were off.

"Aaaaaaaah! Can't we slowdown!?" You panicked.

"Why? We're here now."

"Huh?!" You opened your eyes and looked around frantically. Middle class homes, mini store booths, and not a single Canterlot snob in site. Yes, it's ponyville. At first you were a bit uncomfortable with the sudden change of scenery but as you looked around more it didn't seem too bad.

" Here we are! Welcome to ponyville darling!" Said whom you found out was Applejack. You got off the wagon and took your luggage, your servant told you that he'll be alright and that he'll take an air ballon home. With that you thanked Applejack for helping you, then he gave you a nice juicy apple. Before you left He gave you a worried look but shook it off and went back to fix the carriage.

On your way to the Sunny Bell Inn, you sat down on a bench to try out the apple Applejack had given you. You weren't quite sure how to consume the apple, you were used to apple cakes, apple ice cream topped with whipped cream and rose petals, and even an apple tart with other fruits. But never just an apple, you took a bite, it was the most sweetest apple you ever eaten. You wanted to smile but remember the rule you always followed. You sighed sadly.

"Hi there! I've never you seen you here before! How ya doin'?"

You looked up only to be nose to nose with a pink colt. You were frighten and accidentally dropped your half-eaten apple.

" Oh! Hello, my name is (PonyName) , yes I am new here. I'm here on on holiday" you said not forgetting your manners. The pink colt giggled.

"That's a pretty name! I'm BubbleBerry! Holiday? Oh! Is it WinterWrap up already?" he said happily while giving you a hoof-shake.

"Uh...Thank you, and I mean on vacation" you say awkwardly.

" Well you'll love it here in Ponyville! Ill give you a tour!"

"Oh that is very generous of you but-"
"But not before I give you my best welcome to ponyville parties!" And with that he left but then came back with a this weird looking machine and a choir of other ponies.

BubbleBerry held a mic up and began to sing.

"Welcome welcome welcome
A fine welcome to you
Welcome welcome welcome I say how do you do?
Welcome welcome welcome
I say hip hip hurray
Welcome welcome welcome to Ponyville today"

"Uh..yes thank you but I-"

"Wait! Wait! Just one second!"

Suddenly the music wagon dinged then a huge pink and white colored cake appear before my eyes. It was so beautiful and the song and dance they did was pretty fun to watch but you still didn't smile even though you really wanted to.

"Surprise! I finally put the cake in the wagon instead of the confetti! " He laughs and smiles widely and eagerly at you as if he was waiting for you to do something.

You just stare." Thank you Mr.Berry for the lovely display but I must go check in to my room." And with that you carried your luggage and headed to your Inn leaving behind a rather confused and saddened colt.

" Wait! (PonyName)!" You turned your head to see BubbleBerry running towards you with a piece of paper in his mouth and pink cupcake balanced on his head. He looked adorable but still you did not smile.

"Yes Mr.Berry?"

"Just BubbleBerry please We're friends now! " He said while still holding the paper which made him sound funny. You wanted to laugh but held it in. He leaned his head towards you showing you the paper, you looked down to see that it was an invitation to a party. You took the invitation but accidentally went too close brushed noses with BubbleBerry. You both stepped back with tints of pink on your faces. Or in BubbleBerry's case, dark red.

He giggled." I'm hosting a party tonight and I want you to be the guest of honor! Please oh pleeeeaase! Say you'll come" he looked at you with high hopes in his gorgeous blue eyes. How could you say no. You sighed and nodded.

BubbleBerry gasped and smiled joyfully. "Yay!  Can't wait to see you there! Bye for now oh and here's a cupcake! Enjoy!" He gives you the cupcake and gallops off.

" He' sweet..." You whispered to yourself. You wish you could smile but as you are constantly reminded, Canterlot Ponies don't smile.
I have no idea why I did this XD it just came to me and I don't have a lot of art of MlP so I guess now that I'm on vacation I have time to create some

Equestrian Royal and Sunny Belle are just made up XD

Here's a link to hear Berry sing the Welcome song : [link]

Disclaimer: BubbleBerry, My little pony friendship is magic, you.
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