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October 7, 2012
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Author's Note: I'm not well in english, so there could be some mistakes. Please don't type rude comments. Also this is my very first reader-insert. Give this noobie some slack.
Disclaimer: Hetalia characters; France,Spain, prussia and 2pGermany.You...etc
"....they made angels...".

Everything went blank but before you completely fell unconscious, you saw you're kittens hugging you then you felt yourself being lifted away.

"Mommy! Help us!"
"Ma merè where are you?!"

You were running to the cries of you're babies, You could see you're babies on the wet street but no matter how fast you ran they just Keeped getting farther and farther away.

"Children! Can you hear me?! Please see me I'm over here!", you called out to them but they still couldn't hear you. Suddenly the German Shepard appeared behind them and bite them down , lacerating some parts of their body with his now bloody teeth, laughing as he devours you're babies.
"NOOOOOOO! Aaaaaaah!"

You woke up.

You looked around frantically, you're surroundings were unfamiliar. The last place you remembered was being on the cold concrete road and having heavy rain beat down on yore form but now you were in a darkened room not to too dark because a couple of rose scented were lit, you were on a king size bed with red silk sheets and at least dozens of decorated pillows.

" where am I? Where are my babies-Ouch! My stomach!", you flinched then looked at you're stomach. It was  wrapped with medicine soaked cotton balls and gauze to hold them in place. You looked at the window. The rain was still beating done roughly even more than before.

"Hahaha! We're gonna get you Mr.awesome!"
"Keskeskes! Never!"
"Okay niñas, how do you say "I love you" in Spanish?"

The voices. You're babies!. You dashed out the door through the opening, ran down the stairs despite the pain it gave you. Finally as you stepped on the first floor, you peeked you're head to see you're babies. You're heart filled with joy and relief. The sight before you was adorable.
Claude and René were tackling an albino cat with red eyes, you're two girls, Angel and Joliee were learning Spanish for a light brown cat and what made you almost go gaga was Seeing you're little one, Finnian cuddly with a long white haired cat near the fire.

" how are you feeling finnie?"
"Im okay now, thank yo-merci beacoup!...but I miss mother"

You spoke up." I'm here darling",you smiled tenderly at you're petit boy.
His eyes shined bright at the sight HIS angel. Mother.all of you're children stopped what they were doing and ran to you but beware of you're injury. You nuzzled each of them, telling them how much you love and miss them.

"So you are the lovely mother that these children told us about", said Spaincat. you looked up at him and giggled.
" yes, I am their mother. Thank you so much for keeping my babies safe you have no idea how much this means to me first something happened to the father, I can't even remember what he looked like, all I remember was having my babies under a dog house. I stayed there till the owner found us and took us in but soon he couldn't anymore and he moved away with out us, I've done so much for my children, I stole, I lied ...I'm just happy that 3 angels were sent to help me".
The NekoBTT astonished , the story you just said saddened their hearts but then their hearts sang. You called them angels. How sweet.

The NekoBTT blushed. Well except for Prussiacat who smirked and stood proud.

"Ma Cherie, you're injury is very great but our owners say you can stay as long as you need" said Francat.

Claude stood on his back paws," Ma merè can we stay here please?! It's so magnifque here!"

You didn't need to think about it, you knew this was a safe haven for you but most of all for you're angels.

"Yes, my dear we can stay",you smiled tenderly.

The kittens, including the NekoBtt cheered and think about the wonderful adventures they'll have together.

To be Continued...Maybe
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: Your here~

Sorry to keep you guys waiting and that this chapter is pretty short. ^^;

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