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September 24, 2012
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Author's Note: I'm not well in english, so there could be some mistakes. Please don't type rude comments. Also this is my very first reader-insert. Give this noobie some slack.

Disclaimer: Hetalia characters; France,Spain, prussia and 2pGermany.You...etc
" I underestimated you fräulein, you did quite a number on me...but I can still fight!", as he says that, he runs toward despite his leg. But before he could get half way near you, he tripped and slide till he reached you. The impacted left the German sheltered unconscious. While it made you sore because his body clashed with yours.
"Gah!", you coughed up tiny drops of blood. You scooted away from the German shepherd.
You took all the energy you had left and limped away from the knocked out dog.

-With the kittens-

" But how are we going to get it?!",asked Angel.

Claude then ran to the front door and started scratching and whining.
Soon Angel and René got the idea and started doing the same.while Joliee keeps Finnian warm.

-inside the mansion-

The famous bad touch trio were having a little party just for them selves since they were suspended from their favorite bar for 3 months. But that never stopped them from partying. As the trio ate and drank in the kitchen, 3 cats were in the living room enjoying themselves by the fire with a large plat of tuna and crab legs.

"Mmmmmmm~ I don't think I can eat another bite!...okay maybe one more", said the brown fur and green-eyed cat known as spaincat as he scarfs down another tuna piece.

"You are going to get so fat! Unlike ze awesome me who can never get fat! Keskeskeskes!!", said a red-eyed cat.

"Not from where I am looking, mon ami~", grinned Francat

"Vhy you?!-"


All 3 cats ears perked up. At the same time they looked over at the door.after a short pause.

"Meoooow!! Please! "
"Let us in!"
" Achoo-o!!!"

All of them gasped( except for the human BTT).

"It sounds like-"
" a litter!-"
"Of kinder*!!!!"

They all dashed to the door, Prussiacat got next to the door while Francat stood of his back paws on top and held Spaincat with his front paws while he used his front paws to try and turn the gold door knob.

"Hey! Ze awesome Prussiacat is getting a hernia! Hurry up!", whined the albino cat.
"I'm trying! Amigo! Remember we have no thumbs!"


"Got it!", they all opened the door. What they saw broke their hearts.
These kittens were nothing but skin and bones, their eyes showed sadness and fatigue, Francat looked toward Joliee,who had her little brother under her.

Francat immediately pushed the kittens inside.the kittens didnt wasted a nano-second running inside, Spaincat took Finnian by the neck and carried him to the fire place, letting Finnian cuddle him.

Spaincat started gushing over the cuteness," Awwwww! You remind of Romano! When he was just un bebe!",he said while nuzzling Finnian, who didn't seem to mind at all with this unknown cat keeping him warm.

Francat pushed the plate over to the children.
"Here you are children! Please si'l vous plait eat as much as you want!",he said to them.
The kittens attacked that plat like if they were jaguars in the jungle attacking their prey.
Claude stopped eating his crab leg and looked up at Francat.
Claude and Francat looked so much alike! It was like Francat looking back in time and see himself as a child.

"Excuse-moi Monsieur? Parlez-vous français?",Claude asked ecstatically.Francat gasped.
"Oui! Mon jeune homme!".

Prussiacat facefloored." Vonderbar! Another francy-pants talker!".


"FINNIAN!",yelled all of his older siblings.they quickly rushed over to him,kissing him,cuddling him,anything to let him know that everything is okay.finally he had enough energy to speak but his voice was still a bit rasp.


-with you-

It's over.

That's what you thought,this was how you were going to die.
You were so weak, you're stomach was so badly injured that each step you took drops of blood dripped from you're mouth. You started thinking of you're kittens, you're blessings from heaven. Are they okay? Did they find the home? Did that grotesque German Shepard find them?!. All these questions rushed around yours mind, tears started to form, you couldn't take it. You began whining loudly screaming you're heart out.

" My babies! Claude! Angel! René! Joliee! Finnian! Please be alright! Please be safe! Where are you!?", you whined and cried.You never got a chance to see if you're children found the home, never see them grow up, never telling that their father is-

"Ma merè! "

You turned you're head to the sound of you're kittens. You couldn't believe they were alright! But you saw 3 extra cats.

"....they made angels...".

Everything went blank but before you completely fell unconscious, you saw you're kittens hugging you then you felt yourself being lifted away.

To be continued...
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Your here~
Part 3: [link]

~EDIT~....Im speechless!!!!!!!!! You guys are AWESOME thanks for the 50 faves, comments and Watches!!!! Im so happy!
I love feedback, the more the sooner I update.I don't continue a story that no one reads.

Here's part 2~

Please like I said before.

KINDLY point out mistakes. No rude comments. Thank you :D
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