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September 22, 2012
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Author's Note: I'm not well in english, so there could be some mistakes. Please don't type rude comments. Also this is my very first reader-insert. Give this noobie some slack.

Disclaimer: Hetalia characters; France,Spain, prussia and 2pGermany.You...etc

Inside a large moving box, a (fur color) mother feline and her 5 litter of kittens were struggling to keep warm from the pounding rain and roaring thunder.

"Mama...We're so cold...", said one of the (same f/c) twin kitten, René.
"And hungry...", finished the other twin with white fur and (same e/c), joliee.

You looked down at you're kittens with a melancholy face. They were trying to keep warm by snuggling you till they were practical under you're stomach, but it still wasn't enough for them. It didn't help that hadn't eaten for a couple days. You could actually see a peek of there bones. You couldn't help it, you're eyes began to water. You couldn't do anything more for you're babies. Leaving them here to find food wasn't an option, the rats hiding behind the trash cans were starving and by the way they eyed you're kittens.NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


Snapping you out from you're thoughts, you looked beneath you're chin to see you're smallest baby, the runt of the litter, Finnian. He had the most  beautiful blue eyes that outshine even the most star-filled midnight sky, unlike his older brothers and sisters, he didn't have long fur or one colored fur. Instead his fur short and had white fur with (f/c) fur on each end of his paws and on the tip of his tail. "The poor dear, he won't be able to survive this weather!", you thought and started to panic. "I have to find better shelter!", you told you're self. You faced you're children.

"Children! Please! Wake up! ", you pleaded.

At the same time all the kittens shot their heads up.

"Yes mother!(ma merè!)*", they said.

You gave a determined yet weak smile," I know you all are fatigued and cold but we have to find a better place"

" where will we go? Ma merè", asked Claude, the oldest.

" I don't know but we can't stay here, you're younger brother won't be able to take this an longer, here is what we'll do,".

~<Le magical time skip>~

"You can't get away from me!"

You and you're children were running for you're lives. When crossing the bridge  that separates the high class mansion from the middle class homes, you and you're kids encountered a very disturbed German shepherd**.

" C'mn fräulein! I won't bite! Ahahaha!".  

You and kids dashed around a corner. You quickly gave you're oldest son, Claude, Finnian to hold. Claude gave you a questioned look.

" listen to me carefully, I want you all to run ahead of me, find a home that smells of cinnamin, sausage and wine***  in one place. I will stay behind   And hold him off!", you spoke quickly but still comprehensible enough.

"But mama-"

"No buts! Listen to you're mother!"

" Here kitty kitty! Where are you? Just a nibble wouldn't hurt?!"


Both you and you're children dashed off to opposite directions.  Not looking back to one another.

-With the kittens-

" Claude! You pumpis fool! We're lost!", yelled René.
" silence! We're not lost , I'm just having trouble smelling this water is making hard to do!",he argued.

As the two brothers try to smell the 3 scents you told them to find. Joliee and Angel were under an opening of a tree, trying to keep little Finnian warm.

10 minutes of sniffing the moist air, the boys gave up home till...

" I found it!", cheered Claude." Follow me!". All of them followed as fast as they could. Stopping at enormous white mansion, lights were on, and they were voices. " Oi! Amigos the churros are done!", a Spanish accent," did you bake those vith**** my vurst*****?!", a German accent, " Spain! That's the 10th batch you made!!", and a French accent.

-With you -

You layed on thr cold road, tired from trying you're best to dodge his bites, so far he has bitten you're stomach and you're right paw. But it seem that you left more damage on him. His back left leg was practically furless and you left 2 deep scratches on his snout.

" I underestimated you fräulein, you did quite a number on me...but I can still fight!", as he says that, he runs toward despite his leg. But before he could get half way near you, he tripped and slide till he reached you. The impacted left the German sheltered unconscious. While it made you sore because his body clashed with yours.
"Gah!", you coughed up tiny drops of blood. You scooted away from the German shepherd.
You took all the energy you had left and limped away from the knocked out dog.

To be continued...

*-youre oldest son knows some french
**- 2p!Dog!Germany makes an appearence!
***- Hmmm~ I wonder who usally smells like this XD
****-"vith" is with
*****-"vurst" is wurst
Part 2: [link]

~EDIT~Whoa! I didn't think my first reader insert would be so popular?! Thanks for the WATCHES,FAVES and FEEDBACK!
Keep commenting and I'll update sooner! ;D

First time.writing a reader insert.No rude comments. don't waste youre time.

If there are any mistakes. please. KINDLY point them out and I'll fix them

Picture found on google.
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MorgTW Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Wait......that dog was 2P!Germany!? wonder
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canadatheninja Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ALLONS-Y!!!!! *-* ze DOCTOR XD Allons-y is french for Lets Go! Right X3 I forget... loved the story

I laughed when you introduced 2p!dog!Germany as a disturbed german Shepard XD
chibidragongirl Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student General Artist
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Artisan-Garden Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
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Artisan-Garden Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student General Artist
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